Unique. Local. Welcoming.

Offering our favorite tea blends inspired by living in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. We sell bulk tea, herbs/tisanes, teaware, local artisan items, COFFEE by Bohemian Roasters, and Cigars for special occassions.

And when we say "local" we mean The Columbia River Gorge, located just 45 minutes East of Portland, Oregon

We hope that when you walk into our tea & gift shop, or you're browsing around our virtual store, you see something you've never seen before and feel welcome and respected no matter who you are

Right now, we're owner-operated with no employees. Tiffany Lyn is a copywriter and co-owner of Quad Construction Inc. alongside her husband, Martin. We truly care about our community, everyone's well-being, and the journey they're on towards health and joy.

If you're in the area we're just around the corner from the downtown area at 121 N. Main Ave., White Salmon, Washington, U.S.A.

**As a retail shop we do not serve tea in a traditional cafe style. We sell tea & coffee in bulk and will be happy to serve hot or cold samples of tea or coffee upon request. You're welcome to hang out in one of our two sitting areas, however we are not licensed to serve and sell prepared beverages.

We're here to support local artisans and crafts-people, and are constantly looking for interesting and unique pieces to fill our shelves, even books, and one-of-a-kind items. If you, or someone you know, would like to add their wares or art to our shop, have them contact us at: tealynsteashop@gmail.com

***Please note that sending us an email is the best way to contact us. Due to the fact we're basically a hobby shop/community service retail space we don't have the ability to answer the phone or answer voicemails. Please email us: tealynsteashop@gmail.com

Please help us spread the word by liking our Facebook page or see what we're up to on Instagram: Tea Lyn's

Thank you, and hope to see you soon!

Tiffany & Martin (and so many volunteers helping at the shop)